28 October 2010

Now, You Must Understand

you must understand
i'm a creature of spontaneity
- once again -
my priorities shift to the left
have you ever been in love
ever feel that rush
it makes you hurt in places you didn't know felt
gives you joy in ways you never fathomed
oh! what lunacy!
oh! what wonderment!
oh! have you ever been in love
i have
and baby i'll break before i let it go
don't flatter yourself, gentlemen
i'm not talking about you
i know what i want
i just came here to take it
this might make me or break me
but i'll never know
if i don't give it my all
found : heart
best believe i'm keeping it this time
burst into bloom
i hope you're paying attention
i've given you everything you need
now what could create such a violent change
what does love have to offer me
that stability doesn't
i'll tell you
there's another world i long for
a world where there is always sand in your hair
where swimwear qualifies as undergarments
where surfboards are the prefered method of transportation
where you can taste the air
the ocean is warm
and the sunshine in never ceasing
where there are only rainbow worthy storms
where i have freckles year round
where there are cliffs you can jump off of everyday
and flowers with no english name
where the palm trees are inconvenient
where green and blue dominate the color palatte
where dance is speech
where tattoos are common bread
where there are no worries about what might have been
where i am meant to be
my name is malialani
and this is where i belong
it dances on the tip of my tongue
i live this life like i get paid to
not stopping for anything
read me and weep
baby this is it

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