01 June 2010

About Me

My name is Malialani, but most people call me Malia. I am a 23 year old self proclaimed vagabond house rose. Vagabond for my love of travel, culture, and peoples of every corner of this earth. House Rose for my devoted adoration of being a wife and mom.

I am married to Marko. We have a fantastic and wonderful love story I am still trying to wrap my head around. I have no idea why he puts up with me, but we happily exist in a state of love, sarcasm, and laughter. People call us M&M and we have a Mini M&M named Rory.

Rory was born the 11th August 2012. His middle name is Heleumau'ilanihekilikahiaualepo'i and he is beautiful. He talks more than Mark and I put together, even if we can't understand what he's saying. He has his daddy's eyes and his momma's smile. We are exhausted and blessed beyond our wildest dreams by him.

Me Then

I sucked my thumb until I was eight. I am devoid of any semblance of an attention span and lover of simple things. I have been to twenty-something countries, speak a smattering of languages, and have no intention of ever getting a degree from university. I love Criminal Minds and Hayao Miyazaki films. I believe in God and I do not believe that makes me better than anyone else. I am overly sarcastic and I like to create. Whether drawing, painting, writing, music, food - it doesn't matter. I hate money. I struggle with being patient and have a penchant for getting walked on by people I consider friends. But I love my life. And that's what's important.

Me Now

Loves of My Life:
Husband Mark. Critter Rory.
Green. Baby sloths. Fresh squeezed lemonade. Tattoos. Yoga. Local produce. Antarctica. Away We Go. Nose rings. Thrift stores. Africa. Film photography. Plaid. Criminal psychology. Homemade anything. History. Old fashioned doughnuts. Casablanca. Pearls. Australia. Mohawks. Jasmin Rice. The Big Year. Comics. God. Folk music. Books. Gardening. Dubstep. Home cooked meals. Central and South Americas. Art. Music that speaks. The Middle East. Brown sugar chai. Mission work.

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