22 January 2014

To Do List

Dear Mama, here is your "To-Do List"
Please do these things as they seem pleasing in no particular order at all.

Abandon the dishes, the laundry, the vacuum, the broom, and the mop.

Tidy up. Do not clean. There is a difference. Tidying means throwing things in the general direction of the place they belong so you don't get overwhelmed by the need to clean your house and you can appreciate all of the fun and beautiful things in the world and in your house.

Go outside. Let the baby wear his boots and his jacket and fall in as many puddles as he likes. Let him run. Take carrots, feed the donkeys (give Guinevere 2 and make sure Arthur only gets half, he's such an ass). Walk the full length of the drive at least twice. Pick flowers, take half indoors to put on the table and feed half to the goats (they will appreciate this a lot so stay away from Cosmo, he might pee). Soak up as much sun as possible, even if it's just through the flat grey clouds. Stretch your hands to the sky and wiggle your toes in your shoes. Get wet if it's raining.

Put on fun clothes. Clothes that make you love your body, comfy and loud, nothing like what's on the mannequins at the mall. Clothes that are not practical, but flowy and colorful.

Turn on salsa music or cumbia or anything that reminds you of Latin America. Mala Rodriquez, Winsin y Yandel, Salsa de Oro, La Quinta Estacion - it doesn't matter, just turn it up loud. Pick up the living room and dance. Baila, quierida. Do all those salsa steps you've forgotten but your body remembers. Move your hips. Life your arms above your head and let yourself go. Dance with your husband, dance with your baby, dance all by yourself.

Light as many candles as possible. Don't worry about how much they cost or if you are going to burn your house down or set the smoke alarm off. Make your house full of light so that you will be full of light.

Roll out your yoga mat, press your hands and feet into it and breathe. Do as many sun salutations as your body will allow, then do 10 more. Stretch and move and keep breathing. Turn on a class or do your own thing, whatever feels best in this moment.

Paint your nails. Go with black or green, french tips or just a clear shiny coat - it doesn't matter. Do it while the baby is sleeping so you can still pick him up later and show him your new nails.

Snuggle your little one. Give him lots of kisses, especially when he pushes you away. Play cars. Turn on his noisy giraffe. Read him books, even if he doesn't sit with you. Play 52 card pick up. Play it again. Give him "drumsticks" and a bucket. Play your guitar while he pounds. Let him play your guitar with you.

Read a book. Bake something sweet. Eat that something with no guilt. Make a fort. Write for awhile. Do henna. Drink a glass of wine two glasses of wine. Let your hair be wild. Kiss your husband, dance with him. Laugh a good belly laugh. Make dinner as a family. Eat it as a family. Sing to your baby and your husband. Sing just because.

Shut the laptop. Turn your phone on loud so you can grab it if someone needs to get ahold of you, then plug it in and leave it there. If you do pick up your phone, use it to take pictures and videos of you and your people. Silly pictures. Ridiculous pictures. Send those pictures and videos to friends who need a pick-me-up. Then put the phone down again.

These things are your priorities today everyday.