14 July 2014

The Days Are Just Packed

The last time I blogged was in May.


I am sorry, dearlings, hopefully you didn't even notice due to your own busy schedules. I know mine (ours) has been chaotic to say the least. Between pregnancy, a toddler, my job, Mark's job, raising support, weddings, parties, and just regular life - I have not had a chance to catch my breath. So here it is, big breath in, and big breath out. Proper breathing is important, you know.

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin because of how long it has been... so, let's start here:

"May you be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light." Colossians 1:11-12

Here's the deal. Last night I was stressing out about raising support and how long it is taking, how difficult it has been, and how it will continue. The thing I asked God for above all else was endurance and patience - and then I flipped my Bible open here. God is creepy awesome.

For a more detailed Missions update, you can check out Rory's Blog, which has done far better than this poor one. We are 30% pledged. Which means we still need 50% to be cleared to purchase tickets and another 20% after that. It is overwhelming. Especially because we are having another child which actually increases the amount we need to raise. Sigh... It's hard to feel called to something and also constantly feel like it is never going to happen.

I am reading Rory Calvin & Hobbes right now - we have the entire works - and he loves it. On the pages where there are just pictures, I let him tell me when to go on. It's fun to watch his eyes scan the page and laugh. We are also reading A Little Princess - because children should read an equal number of books with female or male heroes.

Rory is speaking now; ball, dog, meow, goat, ice, bite, yes, no, bike, pee, up, down, brm (which is car), bat (which actually means batman), boom, baby, bye, and many more. There is a part of me that fully expects him to just look up at me any day now and speak in full sentences. He is learning new words every day and it is absolutely magical to witness.

We are also introducing the concept of potty-training to him. It is pretty early, but we wanted to make sure we talked to him about the idea of it all in the Summer when he can pee outside and run around naked a lot, as well as before new baby arrives. We don't expect him to be fully potty-trained by December, but we are hoping to make some strides in that direction.

Saturday we went hiking up to Denny Creek and Rory got to hike, run, play in the water, and nap on the way back down. That little boy just loves to be outside, and after bed rest and quite a few months of exhaustion, I have to say it is so great to be finally getting back into the swing of outdoorsy things! We are hoping to do a big hike every weekend as long as the weather and new baby permit.

Calvin & Hobbes - happiness 2

Speaking of new baby, I am nearly 18 weeks along - almost half way! Which is absolutely insane because I feel like December is years away. It is also crazy that I am not only showing, but have a baby bump. With Rory I was flat as a board until almost 20 weeks, although I insisted to Marko that you could see my bump if you were really looking...

Baby loves to dance, for the love of the land. The little one is constantly shifting and moving - visibly. One minute I have a huge bump and then next minute I have washboard abs, it's ridiculous. Play some loud tunes while I'm standing and you can watch my whole stomach change shape, it is the craziest things. While there is lots of movement, even movement you can see, feeling it from the outside is still not the easiest. I am excited for that, primarily because I can involved Rory and Marko in that portion of baby-amazement.

Baby is healthy with a good heart rate and in just a couple weeks we will do the big ultrasound to see the four chambers of the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, etc.!!! I am so excited to see our little one who already exhibits so much personality. We have decided to not find out the gender, but will let you know how everything else turns out. And we are still brainstorming names so feel free to input...

Rory just woke up from his nap, came to join me on our bed, and is now sleeping again with his foot in my lap. The boy is a riot.

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