18 June 2010

As The Days Go By

First order of business? I'd like to apologize for my lack of posts in this past week! It's been a busy and internetless time, still there are no excuses! The 10 people or so that read this deserve better! And I am learning to be better all the time, just gotta give it time, kids.

Vermont is, spectacular. Breath taking, beautiful, awesome in the realest sense of the word. It is much like the San Juan islands in the PNW, I'm partial to the other side of the states but Vermont is just stunning as well. I am very excited to be spending the Summer here! Everyone is kind and interesting and have all been more than welcoming. It's wonderful to be back in the states for several reasons, although I bet you won't guess what they are. First and formost: Cellphone is back in commission! So I can text and call loved ones at will! Yay! And the very close second: COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF HEALTH FOOD!!! Good gracious I never realized how much I just want to suck down Odwalla juice, salad, fruit, sushi, granola, etc etc. I am disgustingly NorthWesternAmerican, I don't think I ever realized how much until I was never there anymore. If the store you're shopping at doesn't have a climbing wall in it? Not for me. If you can't pronounce the ingredients in your food? Not for me. If your day consists of being outside for 1 hour or less? Not. For. Me. I want something else. Thirdly: I have my own little cabin. It's not actually mine, but the space is. Am I going to hang out in there? No, probably not. But it's just the having my own space that's nice. Not that I don't love and adore Enzo and Eliza and the boysies! It's not the footsteps in the hall or the crying at night that I mind in Italy, it's actually kind of nice - cozy. It's the fact that the room isn't actually mine. The space isn't mine. I'm Hawaiian, but I'm also of Irish descent and those kids need lots of space. Just look at how spaced out they are over in Ireland! Anyway, those are the three main points of excitement being back in the US. English? Meh, overated. No strict Italian schedule? Meh, we have our own versions of that in the US. No Eda? I actually kind of like the old bird. Does she drive me nuts, yes. But so does my own grandmother - I think it's the Catholicism plus WWII plus generational gap. Overall it's just being able to be in constant contact with people, health food, and space. Gee I love health food... ha.

Back to Vermont!

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