27 July 2010

Watch Me Burn Bright

"A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together"

more from this life
to eat with my hands
feel small beneath a mountain
dance to street music
laugh at nothing
experience my surroundings
watch the clouds go by
read until the sun rises
speak honestly
walk until i can't go another step
meet someone new
roll my rrr's
write down what i know
salsa tango mambo rhumba waltz
try to count all the stars
see every corner of this world
The best moments of your life are never the ones you plan or the moments that you imagine would be. Winning Prom Queen in High School, my first kiss, graduating... none of those even qualify. It's the nothings that turn into somethings, the everdays, the random spontaneous moments that are completely on accident when you find joy in whateverness instead of specificities. It's important to appreciate everything - even the bad things. Afterall, "When the sky is darkest, you can see the stars."

The first time my baby brother told me he loved me after a year of  hell. Right before Jade left for Georgia and we all laughed until we cried. Driving alone down I-5 between Oregon and California at 1am with a broken radio. Trying to keep all three triplets on my lap as we all play the piano. Kawai and I singing at the top of our lungs in the car to bad 90's music. Sitting on the swings with Wendee. Running around the living room with Noah and Zo. The 24 hour bus ride to Cusco. Talking religion with ZBear on my bed until we fell asleep. Holding my Godparents after finding them at Creation on accident. Practically living with KGeiger while we finished senior projects. Getting coffee with Tao the morning after in Cusco. CD Shane driving to Bellingham from Chicago cause I had a nightmare. Screaming at the World Cup Games with my dad. Being bought whiskey by a really drunk Welsh guy none of us could understand in Barcelona. Walking my feet up the slanted ceilings when I was 6. Ignoring my 20th birthday with Alexis. Giggling with Kendall in a French hotel room until Hipolito demanded we shut up - in his silk heart boxers. Long conversations I had with a random man in Ashland. Learning to draw with my Aunt Linda. Photoshoot days with Wesley. Spontaneous limo rides with CD Shane. Napping on a surfboard in the sun. More...

There is so much possibility in life. Take it.

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  1. Dear young traveller, and nanny, and poet, and so much more,

    I do like your blog