06 August 2011

Go And Pack Your Bag

This is today. Gray skies and mild pain that I ignore. I'm on the edge of something great here and I can't wait to take that leap. I complete no one, but am complete. This is how riddles begin. If you shut the door with the music up, it acts only as a muffler of the muffled sound. I'm thrilled to tell you all about how much I don't actually know. My life is built with broken glass that has been melted back together, each piece mixing in with the next. Not unbreakable, by any means, but a beautiful medley of who I've become. Have no regrets, only experience. This is where the healing lives.

Sunburst. I'm glad to have a pen in my hand and scissors and a tank top. This is mine now and I'll make it my own. Soon I won't have a mine, I'll have an ours. I think I like that better. In fact, I'm sure I do. It seems inconsequential, those 45lbs of glossy paper. And I'm thankful, but not glad. I think this is the beginning of much of that. But none of this belongs to anyone else and so it shall remain. I'm low maintenance and I never intend on being anything else. That cabin by the river is just perfect. Not my future - ours.

Imagination is a funny thing, you can never quite live up to it. But you know reality is good when your imagination never came up with anything this amazing. Four letter words tend to be a cop out, and while this one isn't, it still isn't enough. But we'll have to make do with what we have. I'll write on the walls with my fingers and press flowers into the floor boards. I'm not the type of woman to just sit back and wait around. I want to be a 2:18 and I want to do it well - but only for two.

I'm dancing in my living room, not for long will it be. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and kiss my shoulders, first right then left. I never said I was anything less than odd. I'm happy. Not just in this but in everything. I'm full and it has nothing and everything to do with me. Braided into the perfect shape of joy. Cursive tends to be my motif. My hair is disheveled and flopped as it pleases, I couldn't care less. There's a beautiful word in a language I can't remember, it will explain everything now that I've forgotten it. This way, that way, anyway.

I love you, I love you, I love you. A million more times is it said. And I would be rich for every penny rained from Heaven if it rained on you and I. Our names next to one another is what I like best, it's what I love. And I don't want anything in the inbetween, you and me together we could do anything, baby. You and me together, yah, yah. Just resign to it and smile. I love you, I love you, I love you.

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