11 September 2010


I read once that we are lucky to not live in crisis constantly. That we are lucky to live in a world of privledge. How lucky we are to not be torn apart by war and dissention. That it is lucky we live in a world that adapts to us rather than needing to adapt to it. We are lucky.

I disagree.

I understand how you might think it is better - it is certainly easier, but those aren't the same thing, are they? I think learning to adapt is a crucial piece of exisiting. I believe that when we live in crisis you see who people really are. We appreciate more when we are in crisis. Life becomes precious and there is nothing wasted. When we live in crisis, we are better people or we are worse people but there is no question about who is what.

We are not lucky but spoilt. I include myself in that category. We appreciate so little of what is actually important and throw value onto things that make no difference. There is no luck in living like this. Or perhaps that is all it is. And there is no integrity nor dignity in living like this.

I'm frustrated and therefore my thoughts are out of order. Dear God? Conviction sucks.

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  1. I agree with you it seems that the crazy smart people acting on their education come from a drive. Most of the time that drive is the need for a better condition. If we all live in a steady condition then it's that much harder to make drive to grow. That's why one of my favorite quotes is 'perfection is a weakness'