09 July 2013

Commissioned And Home Again

"And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

So, we were in Detroit. It was... an experience. I don't want to tell you it was hard and whine about how difficult the Dullanty Tribe has it - but, bro? It was hard. We got into Detroit after an entire day on airplanes at 1am. Then the well rested baby wanted to play until 3am. Then he woke up and ate for forty-five freaking minutes at 6am and as I was laying his sweet head back down on the bed at 6:45, Marko's alarm went off because the first thing for the weekend began at 7am. I rolled over and went to sleep then woke up two hours later to a cappuccino and a plate of fruit. My husband wins all awards. All of them, ever.

There are way too many details to tell you about, but the big thing was: we were commissioned!

Yes, that is a sleeping baby. Rory slept through the entire service. I told you - it was a hard weekend. We were (are) exhausted. But being commissioned? Was wonderful. And serving Communion? Was wonderful. Sometimes the great things are the hardest, you know?

Be amazed.

Just kidding, but seriously it is amazing. Not so much to watch, I'm sure, but to live? Amazing is the word. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed. It was great to catch up with those people we fell so in love with in Chicago two weeks earlier and it was just... just... it was awesome. Plus - my hubby is a stunner in a suit.

Now we are home and I think it might be harder than an exhaustive weekend (and then disastrous flight home) in Detroit. Our tatertot isn't sleeping and is really struggling with growing/teething/not being around these people who were intensely present over the month of June. Sometimes I bring up pictures of other METE participants and Rory waves and coos at the computer... this makes me so happy and so heartbroken all at once. I'm glad Skype is a thing.

We are in the process of writing our initial support letter, which I will probably also post online for all you techie people, but it is difficult. It is also hard to have been surrounded by supportive, globally minded people so consistently and now be back in the fray of American normalcy. This is not to say that everyone who lives here is small-minded or not on mission or somehow less than we are, so don't misunderstand.

I remember feeling like such an alien for wanting to travel and for feeling called internationally; and not for vacation. I kept asking people to come with me and they kept having excuses (not illegitimate ones) until I finally left on my own. It was big and different and scary - but all of the sudden, for the first time ever, I was surrounded by people who also had a deep love of travel and international awareness and cultures outside of their own. They were confused why I had waited so long, when those I had grown up with had been confused as to why I went at all. It was blessed. And that was what being around Covenant World Mission and staff was like. They immediately understood our call to international mission. I miss that.

It is all a process. Beautiful, difficult, and still happening.

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