07 September 2010

Train Travel

I took a train all the way across the United States. Stopping along the way, giving myself the opportunity to meet new people, do new things. I fasted and didn't sleep well. It was uncomfortable and long. Exhausting and awkward. And most importantly? It was magnificently beautiful. Upstate New York to Chicago to Montana and back to my Pacific North West. My heart cried out at the sheer loveliness of it all. Joy welled up in even the deepest parts of me at the sights I saw. Glacier Park Montana especially tugged at my heart strings. That is where my Pacific North West truly starts. Tears hit my cheeks as I felt myself coming home for the first time in a long time. Pine trees growing up alongside the train, greeting me like old friends. "Welcome back!" They cried out as we passed sharp mountains and blue rivers. I can claim Hawaiian heritage as much as I like, I can love the ocean and the sunshine, I can live for beaches and palm trees - but my heart is tucked away under volcanic rock and river beds. It lies there beneath pine needles and forests that seemingly never end as they conquer mountain after mountain. And it's not in Seattle that it strikes me, but here in Eastern Washington. Endless fields of wheat, apple trees, chunks of land bigger than city blocks, mountains, streams, and pine trees. Evergreen. My heart sings this song.

((Quick break to literally spin in circles in my Godparents living room))

But even better than the sights across America, were the ones getting off the trains. Embracing my barefoot brother outside the L station, Nik in front of the Spokane station, and my dear Godfather at the Ephrata station. I am the most blessed girl in the entire world. You would be hard pressed to find more wonderful and honourable men - I know I can only think of a handful that are even comparable ((my father and Alika being two)), but I wouldn't trade the three I got for anything. And that got me to thinking, what makes these three so amazing anyhow? I'll tell you.

Firstly, they are honourable men. Noble, chivalrous, "sweet" - take your pick of words but the meaning is the same. They don't think of women, or any person for the matter, as objects. We're not something to chase or to win, we're people to be respected and cherished ((so ladies, don't play games or make men chase you because that's how you end up with losers - true story)). They don't believe in taking advantage of anything or anyone and try their best to live by that standard. They do the right thing instead of the easy thing, even when they don't realize it. Honourable.

Next up? And this has to be a two for one deal, they are flexible and obedient. If you get a guy who is just flexible it typically ends up meaning he's just reckless. And if you get a guy who is only obedient he follows you around like a puppy. Both of those things can separately be alright for about 10 minutes, but the three men I'm talking about are both flexible and obedient. What I mean is they can accept change, even when they don't like it. And they can also accept that they are not always in charge with grace. Flexible and obedient.

And most importantly, tying these three things together, God. They love God first and love other people through that love. They are honourable because they know He who is the most honourable. They are flexible as God plan clashes with their plans and the are obedient in following His word instead of doing what they wanted to do. Because of these things? They are amazing men.

I tell you these things for a couple reasons. Firstly because these three men deserve recognition for being who they are despite so much this world has thrown at them and because they are phenomenal human beings. Secondly, because so many girls get lost in what they think they want in a guy rather than looking at what actually make a good guy. And thirdly because I like to brag about how blessed I am to have these three in my life as friends and family. :]

To Zach, my beautiful brother who loves unconditionally and fights the cliches of "being a man" with all he is. You are made of stars! mio fratello caro, and I am forever grateful for your presence in my life.
To Nik, dear friend and wonderful man. I know God has the most amazing plans for you, never doubt your gifts for you are a most delightful child of God who blesses me with your friendship.
To Brian, Godfather, hero mine, angel of my life, and hope I cling to. I am so blessed and proud to be called yours, you have always been my safety and comfort. I cherish you with all that I am, with all that I am.

He has give it to you
And to you this world belongs.
Take it,
There is Love
Like you've never known.
It waits for you.
Unrequited and Unconditional.
Love that can consume you
There need be nothing left.
Heart filled.
I am nothing
But He who is in me.
I can do nothing
But by Him who does it for me.
This life is not my responsibility.
It is my right.
My gift.
To not care unconditionally
Would be tragedy
Of the greatest proportion.
I wait,
At times unpatiently,
For He who defines me
For all He has promised me.
Marriage, children, love, light.
My knees fail me
And I am prostrated on this floor.
And I don't need to be.
This is what Love looks like.

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