29 June 2012

Raspberry Nights

Satisfied, today's word is satisfied.

My mouth is hot. Curry powder, cayenne pepper, white pepper, and a touch of olive oil splashed into a pan with a piece of chicken, a handful of sweet onion, and some bell pepper over basmati rice with a sprinkle of salt. My mouth is hot, but happy. Yesterday, I decided my word of the day needed to be satisfied. Primarily because it was quite the opposite of what I was feeling. It has been a busy week and I needed to feel satisfied for more than 5 minutes. I needed the satisfaction I get from 90 minutes of yoga to last for more than 10 minutes. I needed the satisfaction I receive while reading or journaling to secure me for more than a fleeting moment. No matter what I did, it didn't seem to be what I needed.

Then I spent 5 seconds intentionally spending time with my husband as he got off work. Better, much better. So, this morning/afternoon, despite our prenatal check up and the minimal amount of sleep, we just spent time with one another. Phones far from sight and cuddled up in bed even after we got home from our outings. Satisfied. We did spent some time doing yoga together and, before I continue, I must retract a statement from a previous blog. Marko says he would totally down to do partner yoga, I just have to give him enough time to get into yoga-shape. I am pretty excited about it!

After not hearing anything back about even receiving our missions application, I called and discovered the Director is on vacation until the 1st of July. But they had received our application(s) and were very sorry no one had let us know. So, we should be hearing something sometime after next week. I think we will probably hear something mid July with next week being the 4th and everyone just returning from vacation. Our hopes are still high that we will be able to find placement by January 2013, but I know that whatever happens, God has a plan.

Our dear friends Jeff and Greta get married tomorrow. My first thought? "It's so weird to see people I know getting married." Oh, wait. I am married, pregnant, and seeking a career as a missionary and the idea that I am a 'grown up' escapes me entirely. Jeff and Greta have been searching for one another for longer than either realized and it is such a blessing to listen to each of their stories. They are both gifted and amazing teachers both in and out of the classroom and it has been a real privilege to walk alongside them on this journey. I know their live together will be one of intense wonder and love.

Today has already been everything I needed it to be. I am sipping on cold chai tea I made yesterday mixed with peach juice, it is satisfying. The raspberries from the garden are the perfect combination of sunkissed sweet and tart. I am starting my third yoga class for the day and am immensely happy with the light dull ache of my body that has nothing to do with my pregnant belly. I have apparently stopped gaining weight, which makes me feel light and happy, but also better about the weight I have gained. Critter is exactly the proper size, position, and has a lovely heartbeat to match his/her extremely active nature. My reading/journaling time has been an absolute consistent blessing. And I am reminded that my life always looks hectic when looking at it head on, but is copesettic as a big picture.

 Now what to do with all these raspberries?

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